Cute Juniorís Clothes for Curvy Girls: A Guide to Plus Size Juniorís Clothing

Published: 02nd February 2012
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Itís hard enough finding cute juniorís clothing even if you arenít in the plus size juniorís clothing section. Even when there are plus size juniorís clothing options, it can be hard to pick trendy juniorís clothes that flatter your shape.

The good news is that trendy juniorís clothes lines are full of options that look amazing on the curvy set. Find the most flattering, fashion-forward plus size juniorís clothing with a few tips and flaunt your cute juniorís clothes in style.

Flowy Tops: This doesnít mean you should go for shapeless tops that you would never find in the cute juniorís clothes section. Go for structured but flowy tops that are available in abundance in trendy juniorís clothes selections: they skim your curves for the perfect cute juniorís clothes look.

You can find flowy tops in almost any cute juniorís clothes section, including in plus size juniorís clothing. The best tops in plus size juniorís clothing feature fashionable prints or fabrics (such as lace).

Diagonal Stripes: Diagonal stripes are surprisingly slimming, and they are popping up on trendy juniorís clothes everywhere. Capitalize on this cute juniorís clothes trend by scouring plus size juniorís clothing lines for tops and sweaters that sport the pattern.

To avoid looking fussy, pair this trend with complementary cute juniorís clothes in solid colors. For example, if you find a great diagonally-striped sweater in a trendy juniorís clothes store, wear a solid tee underneath.

Belted Sweaters: Belted sweaters are a plus size juniorís clothing must: they conceal flab while accentuating your waist for the perfect trendy juniorís clothes look. They are very popular in trendy juniorís clothes lines,

Pick longer sweaters in block colors for a classy, cute juniorís clothes look. Alternately, create your own with your favorite trendy juniorís clothes sweater and belt picks.

Ruffled Tops: Plus size juniorís clothing offerings include a lot of ruffled tops because curvy girls look great in them! You can find them in any trendy juniorís clothes store. To avoid being too flashy, pick cute juniorís clothes options in solid colors.

Animal Print: A trendy juniorís clothes staple, animal print tops are great for masking bulge. Cute juniorís clothes lines, including plus size juniorís clothing lines, are coming out with smaller prints this season. Scour trendy juniorís clothes options for mini-prints for maximum fashionista effect.

Black: There will never be a new black. A plus size juniorís clothing favorite, black is universally flattering and can be found in all trendy juniorís clothes lines.

Sport the timeless non-color in cute juniorís clothes like tops and dresses; some of the best plus size juniorís clothing in black this season is spiced up with sequins. Trendy juniorís clothes offering are full of pieces to pair with black as well, like cool accessories and shoes in poppy colors.

Cowl Neck Sweaters: Comfy cowl necks are appearing in all of the trendy juniorís clothes lines this season. They are especially popular in plus size juniorís clothing because of their flattering fit. Look for sleeveless option in cute juniorís clothing lines Ė they look great topped with a blazer.

All of the above picks can be found in HeartSoulís latest collection. HeartSoul offers trendy juniorís clothes, including a great plus size juniorís clothing selection. You should definitely check it out for your next cute juniorís clothes spree!


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