Juniors Pants and Skirts: Tips for your Best Tush Ever

Published: 13th March 2012
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Big, normal, or flat tush, the juniors pants and skirts you cover your behind with can change your entire look. But how to tell what juniors skirts and pants would best flatter your derriere? Check out these tips for the best juniors pants and skirts you can find in cute cheap juniors clothes to flatter your shape.

Flat: If you're got a smaller behind, your juniors skirts and other bottoms will have a clean, streamlined look. This lends for some great juniors pants and skirts that you can find at cute cheap juniors clothes retailer that will look fab on you. Here a few juniors skirts and pants options.

Plaid Suit Pants: On a bigger bum, juniors pants in plaid look plain fussy. But on you, cute cheap juniors clothes options like patterns juniors pants will add visual interest to your derriere. Scour cute cheap juniors clothes selection for juniors pants with smaller plaid prints to avoid going overboard.

Peasant Skirt: Longs juniors skirts' silhouette will look great on a smaller tush. Cute cheap juniors clothes retailers have plenty of floor-sweeping juniors skirts to choose from; go for one with color for some fun.

Normal: Not too big, not too small? Your cute cheap juniors clothes options are numerous. A lot of juniors skirts and pants will look flattering on your average-sized tush.

Patterned Pants: A small pattern, like polka dots, on juniors pants will look cute over your bottom. Look for juniors pants with micro-patterns at cute cheap juniors clothes retailers for a fresh look.

Belted Skinny Pants: Belted, slim juniors pants really accentuate a well-proportioned derriere. Search cute cheap juniors clothes selections for juniors pants with a slight flare to balance your shape. For some fun, look for metallic belts in cute cheap juniors clothes retailers.

Pencil Skirt: Classic pencil juniors skirts looks great with a midsize bum. Cute cheap juniors clothes sellers have lots of good juniors skirts to choose from. Search for juniors skirts at a reasonable length so the look works at the office.

Junk in the Trunk: If the song 'fat-bottom girls' describes you, there are plenty of cute cheap juniors clothes made just for you. With a larger derriere, the trick is to show off your assets in juniors skirts and pants while maintaining a classy persona.

Bandage Minis: Although this look should be limited to after-hours, bandage juniors skirts looks gorgeous with a full behind. The hourglass created by these juniors skirts make a great silhouette when paired with a cute cheap juniors clothes pick like a funky top.

Pleated Pants: Pleats are a big butts' best friend: this cute cheap juniors clothes staple keeps things streamlined while showing off your assets. Look for pleated juniors pants long enough to wear with heels for maximum juniors pants oomph.

Pleated Pencil Skirt: Pleated Pencil juniors skirts, just like pleated juniors pants, are great for big bottoms. Pencil skirts also accentuate that hourglass figure, so the pleated pencil juniors skirt can do double duty at the office and elsewhere with the right cute cheap juniors clothes styling.

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