Juniors Shirts: The Fresh, the Flirty and the Fun

Published: 13th March 2012
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Online juniors clothing stores provide plenty of teen shirts to choose from. The juniors shirts come in so many styles that picking just a few can be difficult! With this style guide to teen shirts, you can do your shopping at online juniors clothing stores knowing you've got all of your bases covered.

Billowy: Almost all online juniors clothing stores offer loose-cut, billowy juniors shirts. These ethereal and universally flattering teen shirts look great on just about everyone and are available in online juniors clothing stores in any color, pattern and fabric imaginable.

Some of the prettiest billowy juniors shirts sport lacey detailing or bright patterns. Adding billowy teen shirts in both styles to your wardrobe will give it an instant kick. Style these teen shirts with blazers or boots for an urban feel.

Knit: Knit juniors shirts are another persistent trend. Online juniors clothing stores offer them in an array of different colors and styles. Some of the best knit teen shirts sport a super trendy horizontal zigzag-stripe style. Search online juniors clothing stores for juniors shirts with the pattern for some instant cool factor.

Ruffled: Ruffled teen shirts have been in online juniors clothing stores for years because of their universally flattering and flirty look. Ruffled juniors shirts tend to be short-sleeved and come in a variety of colors and styles.

Ruffled, plaid juniors shirts are available in most online juniors clothing stores and look casual and cute with almost anything. Solid colored ruffled juniors shirts look a little more formal, which makes them great for corporate environments. Online juniors clothing stores have fun but professional ruffled teen shirts in block color that are perfect for this.

Overlay: Online juniors clothing stores are full of pretty overlay teen shirts, which, with their delicate appeal, are a wardrobe must. Most overlay teen shirts sport bright patterns, since the style makes patterns really pop.

Look through online juniors clothing stores for overlay juniors shirts in a few different bright, unique patterns. These teen shirts will get you through everything from the boardroom (under a blazer) to the club (tucked into a mini).

Lace: Lace juniors shirts had a big comeback recently in online juniors clothing stores. Teen shirts sporting the ladylike fabric are pretty and indie chic. Online juniors clothing stores usually offer these juniors shirts in white, off-white or black to let the texture shine.

The best lace juniors shirts are short sleeved or tank (long sleeved lace makes you look like a matron). Look through online juniors clothing stores for lacey juniors shirts to wear with jeans for a cool vibe. Complete the look with long necklaces from online juniors clothing stores.

Button Down: The classic button down is available in most online juniors clothing stores, usually in a short-sleeved style. Teen shirts in the style are chic now because of the menswear trend. Plus, button down juniors shirts are among the most versatile tops around.

Keep it simple and check out online juniors clothing stores for teen shirts in solid colors or small prints that you can wear just about everywhere.

Ready to stock up on juniors shirts? Be sure to stop by HeartSoul's online juniors clothing stores, available through major retailers like Sears and Kohl's. The line has some of the best teen shirts around, hands down.


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